How to deliver powerful engineering presentations.

Thirty seconds. According to some schools of thought, that is how long it takes for an audience to form a first impression about you. So whether you’re networking at a dinner party, speaking at a work meeting or telling school children why engineering matters, it’s a good idea to make the first 30 seconds ofContinue reading “How to deliver powerful engineering presentations.”

What is the Future of Energy? John Armstrong’s 2021 guide to the energy transition.

I came across John Armstrong’s book while scouring online for additional material on the energy transition, after completing an online course on Carbon Capture and Storage. As stated by the author, the aim of the book is to “take the reader through a possible future for energy generation, transportation and utilisation, seeking to make boldContinue reading “What is the Future of Energy? John Armstrong’s 2021 guide to the energy transition.”

The differences between Engineering Technical Safety and Occupational Health and Safety (HSE)

When I talk about my experience as a technical safety engineer, I get some responses which suggest misconceptions and confusion of technical safety engineering with occupational health and safety. While there is an overlap between the two disciplines, my aim in this post is to clarify the differences. I came across a blogpost on theContinue reading “The differences between Engineering Technical Safety and Occupational Health and Safety (HSE)”

Hello June! It’s #INWED21 Month!

It is the month of June, which means the countdown has begun to the International Women In Engineering Day (INWED) on the 23rd of June. INWED is the day set aside every year to celebrate Women in Engineering all over the world! The celebration was started in 2014 in the UK by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES)Continue reading “Hello June! It’s #INWED21 Month!”

Engineering and the Media – A discussion on the Black Panther movie.

Growing up in Nigeria, adults would quite often pose the question “What do you want to be when you grow up” to young children to get us thinking about our future careers. Common answers were medicine, law, teaching, accounting, engineering and banking. As we got older, Nigerian and international TV shows and movies gave usContinue reading “Engineering and the Media – A discussion on the Black Panther movie.”

Inspiring young people into STEM careers

The challenges we face in the world today such as climate change, food security and sustainability have intensified the need to inspire the next generation of young people into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The solutions to these challenges will be realised over decades of research and execution. The awareness and interestContinue reading “Inspiring young people into STEM careers”

Guidelines for preparing engineering reports

The main focus of our work as engineers is developing designs and executing them to solve the world’s greatest challenges. However, the reach of our engineering designs is highly dependent on our method of communication to the relevant audience. Whilst studying engineering, we may have been used to writing reports solely for lecturers and courseContinue reading “Guidelines for preparing engineering reports”

Success in the early stages of your career.

Hello! It recently occurred to me that there is a tonne of information out there for students on how to prepare an optimised CV/LinkedIn profile, networking tips and overcoming interview nerves. How to navigate your career when you do land that amazing job? Not so much. I put together some thoughts based on my reflectionsContinue reading “Success in the early stages of your career.”